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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Golfing Trustees - This time it's Jim Blythe's turn
About a year ago, Jim Blythe, Norman Porter (Hon Gen Sec), Peter Liell and Peter Howard-Dobson met to do golfing battle at Royal Worlington in celebration of Peter Liell's retirement as a trustee, and his recent marriage. On that occasion, the match was won by the two Peters: Royal Worlington - 1; Rest of the World - Nil.

Earlier this year, Jim Blythe also retired as a trustee and what better way to celebrate his many years of service to the Society, than to have a return match and give "the rest of the world" a chance to get its own back. So it was that the same two teams met at Worlington on the 22nd September 2008. The rules were the same as the previous year: Foursomes Matchplay under Sunningdale handicapping (two or more holes adrift and you get a stroke) - an arrangement that always seems to produce a close match. The Worlington team got off to a shaky start, and were given their first Sunningdale stroke on the third hole (and you can't get one any sooner than that!). Fortunately, though, and thanks to Peter Liell's splendid new driver, they soon settled down and were two up by the turn, having already more than repaid their Sunningdale bonus to the Rest of the World.

It doesn't do to count your chickens too soon, however, and ROTW fought-back fiercely to level the match at the fifteenth, and even a brilliant 15-foot putt from Peter Liell (here on the 17th - and it really did drop in) wasn't enough to save the Worlington pair, and ROTW won 1-up on the 18th.

It had been a wonderful day's golf, once again, and the fact that the series was now level soon prompted the suggestion of another match next year, regardless of whether anyone else had retired or not! David and Anne Mason joined the players for lunch, and Anne kindly took this photo of David with the two teams.

Peter Howard-Dobson