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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Bill Goldfinch and The Colditz Cock - Update
Update – July 2008 : Bruce Micklewright (S48-51) has been back in touch to say that a ceremony was held on 19 July 2008, which would have been Bill's 92nd birthday. They 'rolled out' the amphibian 'Son of Colditz'. Approximately 100 people attended the ceremony. On this website click here you can see the original Channel 4 film split into three 15 minute sections.

Original article : In October 2007 we reported the death of Leslie James Edward "Bill" Goldfinch (26-32), who was a prisoner in Colditz Castle late in the War. We have recently acquired some fascinating video footage of Bill telling the story of The Colditz Cock, the glider he and fellow prisoners built to his design. To view the video, make sure you're logged into the website, and click on the Publications menu item, where you'll find the viewing link. If you're not yet a registered member and are a member of the Society, then please follow the instructions for New User in the login box - it only takes a few moments to register.

If you'd like to read more about Bill in the Distinguished OFs section, then click here to see a full description of Bill's life.