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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Herts OF cricket
Tom Wornham reports: Miserable weather scuppered the traditional village green cricket match, so fondly held in the North Hertfordshire countryside for the annual Burt Wornham duel. A last minute rush of phone calls resulted in the ninth successive battle to take place undercover, courtesy of a local farmer and his barn. Rapid improvisation resulted in two bales of straw adopting and unfamiliar roll as wickets, a tennis ball and some dubious rules set the scene for a tremendous show down. Wornham's traditionally inexperienced side were quick to embrace the new surroundings and set off at good speed. A straight bat and patience resulted in a modest total for the traveling team to better. Burts team took to the crease and immediately felt the pressure from a disciplined and determined home team. Much to the dismay of Captain Burt, the performance at the crease was in stark contrast to that shown in previous years as team members struggled to adapt to the challenges presented to indoor play. Such complications lead to an early tea generously orchestrated by Tami Wornham and Jasmine Mayo (Peter Mayos wife). Feeling somewhat aghast at potential defeat, the traditional 20 over match become a two inning test match. Wornhams worriers returned to the crease focused and eager for victory. Kershaw and Brocks remained composed throughout some hostile sledging and bowling, to maintain the hosts dominate position at the conclusion of the second innings. On resumption of the challengers final stand, the now tired and broken cricketers were no match for a disciplined field as victory was granted for the hosts shortly before 6pm. For the first time in four years, a much needed boast to team Wornham was clinched.

The magnanimous victors consoled those less fortunate before all sportsmen returned to Mouse House for food, drink and talk of next years tenth match on the 14th June. A special mention to Marcus Salton (G75 - 80) for his debut to the Herts OF cricket. I trust everybody enjoyed the occasion. Remaining OF's include; M. Crook (S88-93), P. Burt (K88-91), M. Pedler (R88-93), P. Mayo (K89-94), J. Tooke (G88- 93), T. Wornham (K87-92), T. Wornham nee Carlick (V89-94), A. Kershaw (K87-92), C. Wheeler(R87-92), J. Brocks(K86-91), P. Howard-Dobson(R65-69). A final mention for some usual suspects who actually wed on the 16th June 2007, A. Everett(K87-92), I. Squirrel (R89-94).