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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


"Green Book" Goes Electronic
The last Framlingham College Register (commonly known as 'the Green Book' because of its deep green cover) was published in 1968 - the last of a succession of such books providing a snap-shot of the College and Post-College careers of its alumni.

The cost of creating a modern printed equivalent is too high to contemplate, let alone the human resource required to research and compile it. However, all is not lost. The online database within the SOF Website has the capability to produce an electronic version, which auto-compiles using information extracted from the database each time a particular year is requested. All we need is for members to complete their own entries in full - and to update them from time to time - and for the odd volunteer to step forward to help transcribe historic entries from the old Green Books!

The Electronic Green Book can be found within the Directory menu (via the navigation bar above), and guidance on its use will be found on clicking the Electronic Green Book menu item.

This illustration shows pages 440 & 441 of the 1968 Green Book. For a readable version, click to view an Adobe pdf image.

Coincident with the launch of the Electronic Green Book, a School Highlights field has been added to each OF's record, which will allow people to add such information as, for example: the fact that they were Captain of Sports for their House; or sang in the Choir; or played for the Tennis team.

Alternatively, people may prefer to submit entries for this field by email to sofregistrar@oldframlinghamian.com, in which case the website team will put it into an appropriate format.

The Electronic Green Book delivers results alphabetically, one leaving year at a time, and there's a pull-down menu to select results for the year in question. In the large majority of cases, there won't be much to see about School Highlights, Careers, Sports & Leisure or Universities attended, but we hope that all our members will add to their own entries from time to time, so that the Green Book begins to be more useful and interesting.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help transcribe information from the 1968 Green Book into the website database, then please get in touch with the Website team by emailing: admin@oldframlinghamian.com