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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


West of England Supper - 9 June 2007
Chris Essex (K 69-75) writes: "The West of England Supper was held at the Lamb Inn at Hindon, Wiltshire on Saturday 9th June 2007. The Lamb Inn has been a public house since the 12th century and the dining room was again a lovely setting for our 3-course meal, which was chosen on the evening.

Whilst we were relatively small in number we came from a wide geographical area covering Bath & North East Somerset, Berkshire, Devon, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Suffolk - so almost a different county for each of us! We were also delighted to be accompanied by 7 wives, making a total of 17 in all. A good time was had by all.".

"In addition to the President and his wife Valarie, it was also particularly pleasing to welcome our Hon Sec, Norman Porter. He combined his visit with a stay with Bob Williams (Hon OF and former 2nd master at Brandeston) and his wife, in order to discuss the book Norman is writing on Brandeston to mark its 60th anniversary.

I couldn’t let the evening pass without reference to the Distinguished OF section of the website, which has been a labour of love of mine over the last 9 months. I was delighted to point out that 3 of the 10 OFs present were included - Charles Carter (for his OBE, that was awarded for his work with The United Nations Force in Cyprus), Richard Vaughan-Griffith (for being the most recent OF to be awarded the Military Cross, while serving in Aden) and our Hon Sec Norman Porter (who played hockey for Scotland 12 times).

The president gave an update on OF events and what’s been happening at the College and after further coffee and drinks we all made our way home (or upstairs!) around midnight or a bit after!"

Those present were : Mr and Mrs Charles Carter (R61–69), Mr and Mrs Chris Essex (Organiser, K69–75), Ian Hardaker-Jones (R64-69) and his partner Christina Ecclestone, Mr and Mrs Nigel Hyde (R55–60), Mr and Mrs Peter Lockwood (R57–64), Mr Norman Porter (K50-57), Mr Bryan Shelley (G39–44), Mr and Mrs Brian Smith (President, S53-57), Richard Vaughan-Griffith MC (K60-64) and Mr and Mrs Bob Williams (Hon OF).

The Lamb Inn at Hindon.