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By John Maulden


Schneidau and Masson successfully complete 900 Mile Charity Bike Ride
Update on 5 July 2007 – Chris Essex (K69-75) writes – I’m delighted to say that John & Mike have successfully completed their marathon cycle ride from the Scilly Isles to the Shetland Isles on 26 June 2007. They completed 905 miles with 1 broken chain, 3 punctures and I broken collar bone (this occured when Mike hit a pot hole on the marvellous Glaswegian Roads and crashed onto the pavement after having completed 700 miles!)

You can see photos by clicking here.

They were joined on Shetland by Peter Howard-Dobson (R65-69) and he has sent in his story – you can read this by clicking here.

They undertook this epic ride to raise £10,000 for Bowel Cancer, so why not donate on-line at http://www.justgiving.com/ukride07

Original article : Mike Schneidau (M 72-77) and John Masson (M 74-79) will start a 900 Mile bike ride on 11th June, taking them from the southern-most Scilly Isle to the northern-most Shetland Isle where they plan to arrive on 27th June. In doing so they hope to raise at least £10,000 for the Charity, Bowel Cancer UK. Update on 15 June 2007 – Chris Essex (K69-75) writes – I met up with John and Mike at lunchtime today (see photo), when they stopped in Radstock, Somerset. John gave a talk on Bowel Cancer to the local Rotary Club. This is one in a series of talks he is giving on the way up to Shetland. By lunchtime today they had travelled about 220 miles, with nearly 700 miles still to go!

After lunch we travelled to John’s brother’s in Norton St Philips, to pick Ian up for the next stage of the trip. Ian has volunteered to keep them company for the afternoon and tomorrow – see picture of the 3 of them outside Ian’s house (l to r John, Mike, Ian)

Prior to setting off John and Mike have sent us the following briefing:

"Bowel Cancer is the 2nd commonest cancer in the UK. With better awareness, screening and treatments we can help prevent Bowel Cancer deaths.
Mike Schneidau and John Masson have set a target of raising £10,000 for Bowel Cancer UK. They will cycle a 900 mile route through the UK, leaving the southern Isles of Scilly, arriving 2 weeks later on the northern Isles of Shetland. Bill Masson, a 75yr old Rotarian will be a support driver! Friends plan to support the ride and join us for the day along the route.
Local Rotary Clubs along the route have kindly supported the ride and given John Masson an opportunity to present a Bowel Cancer Awareness talk.

Bill and Mike are resident in the UK. John will be visiting from Australia where he migrated 10 yrs ago. John has developed an interest in Bowel cancer through his work as a gastroenterologist and because of a family history of bowel cancer. Bill and John did a similar ride from Sydney to North Queensland (1300 miles) in 2004 and raised A$71,000.

This trip is self funded so that ALL funds raised will go to Bowel Cancer UK. Donations can be made by sending a cheque directly to Bowel Cancer UK, (7 Rickett street, London SW6 1RU OR 20, Queens Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JX), by secure web based donation at http://www.justgiving.com/ukride07 or directly to us on the ride!

Itinerary (June 07):
11th Scillies
12th Penzance to St Austell
13th St Austell to Okehampton
14th Okehampton to Glastonbury
15th Glastonbury to Cirencester
16th Cirencester to Repton
17th Repton to Mere
18th Mere to Standish
19th Standish to Kendal
20th Kendal to Gretna Green
21st Gretna Green to Lanark
22nd Lanark to Perth
23rd Rest day
24th Perth to Montrose
25th Montrose to Aberdeen
26th Shetland

Thank you for your support and sponsorship John, Mike and Bill"

I, for one, wish them freedom from saddle-sores - and look forward to more news and photographs after the event!