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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Oldest OF dies
Maurice Metcalf (R20-24), the oldest OF, has died aged 99.

His daughter, Ann Garrett, sent the following message to Chris Essex: "My father died today, April 6, 2007 at 2:50 p.m. in his "hundredth year" as he liked to put it. He lived in an apartment right up until this morning when they took him to the hospital and he died a few hours later peacefully - otherwise he had enjoyed fantastic good health. Thank you for all your cares about him. He appreciated it and so did I".

Click here to view his obituary

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Oldest OF dies
Authored by: Brian Smith on Tuesday, April 10 2007 @ 04:31 PM GMT

As President of the OF Society I would like to convey my personal condolences together with all those members of Council on hearing of Maurice\'s death. How marvellous he made it to his 100th year.

I particularly liked the wartime newspaper article.

I know he has been helping Chris Essex on some useful backbround material so he enjoyed an association with Framlingham to the last.

Please convey my very best wishes to the family.

Best regards and sincere condolences,
Brian Smith.

Oldest OF dies
Authored by: Chris Essex on Saturday, April 07 2007 @ 05:11 PM GMT
As Richard has said above, I woke up this morning to the very sad news that Maurice died yesterday. I know Alfred Molson (K38-43) only spoke on the phone to him about a week ago for a piece Maurice was writing me for the next Overseas Bag. I don't know how far he got with this piece but I have told Anne that I will happily publish it.

A few weeks ago I sent him, via Anne, some pictures I had taken of the College during my recent trip, which I know he very much appreciated seeing.