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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Essex Supper, 20th April 2006 - At The Warren Golf Club
Update dated 19 April 2007 The following are attending: BA Smith - President, Mrs. VA Smith, Nick Chaplin - Bursar Framlingham College, EAD Moore, PC Howard-Dobson, AJ Slade, HA Slade, Mrs. B Slade, Mrs. J Slade, D Thomson, Mrs. DA Thomson, CR Essex, Mrs. EA Essex, BL Evans, NG Mayhew, RJ Blythe, DE Mason, LWL Collard, DL Turnbull, DA Carr, JA Waugh, JC Gooderham, G Duce, Mrs. K Duce, D Mallett, MD Smy, CA Bellamy, Dr JG Rankin. If anyone wishes to join us please contact me, John Rankin on 01255 503835 by 6pm on Thursday 19 April.

Original article dated 6 March 2007 After the great success of last year's move from Rivenhall to Woodham Walter, this year's Essex Supper will again be held at The Warren Golf Club, Woodham Walter (7.15 for 8.00pm, lounge suits, guests welcome).

In addition to the supper, OFs might like to know that the golf club welcomes them to play a round of golf earlier in the day (at the special rate of £18.00 - see "Read More"). To find out more about The Warren, please click this link to: The Warren Golf Club. The cost of the supper will be £20.50 a head and applications for places should be made to J G Rankin Email John Rankin.

If you would like to play golf, please note that Members of The Warren have rights to the first tee until 9am. Apart from that, it's turn up and play, with typically no tee-time reservations. You should, however, call Ryan Kuhl on 01245 224662 to let him know your intentions and to check that there are no society matches that might get in the way. John Rankin has agreed a special discounted rate of £18.00 for OFs on the day, so do make sure you ask for this.