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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Tom Jarrold - Fram's Winter-Olympics Prospect
Tom Joined Framlingham College last September, having already completed a successful introductory season with the British Ski Academy at Chamonix. The thirteen-year-old's now well into his second season, and has just returned from his first race meeting, where he confirmed his position amongst the top group in the country for his age. British Ski Academy director, Malcolm Erskine, commented: "He has all the right stuff to make it to the top, an athletic talent matched with the physical courage and the intellect to problem solve in a complex sport. Our coaches have no doubt that he can progress into the Great Britain squad - but this will only realistically happen with ten to fourteen weeks of winter ski race training".

The College is doing everything it can to help Tom, providing him with time off from school to compete, while ensuring that he keeps up with his schoolwork through correspondence and appropriate tutoring.

The other key component of all this, of course, is funding the training programme, something which is a constant challenge for Tom's father Stuart. The Maynard Educational Trust in Tom's home village of Hoxne, and the Ipswich-based Puffa Clothing Company have already provided some assistance, but if any OF has bright ideas or deep pockets Stuart would be extremely pleased to hear from you. Please click here to Email Stuart Jarrold.

Meanwhile, Tom's dream is to compete in the 2014 Olympics and he's staying focused on that. He's already demonstrated the sort of single-mindedness essential to achieve his objective, competing in spite of a broken thumb last season, and yet still achieving a high ranking.

We'll keep you posted on developments.