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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


What happened to Choy wei chung?
Updated - 14 March 07: The son of Jack Watkis has sent three more photos from the 1930s (click "Read More" below). Can anyone assist us to identify who is in the photos? One appears to be a House photo; the second contains Percy Pickard; and the last is a CCF Field day. We will add these photos to the Gallery as soon as it is back-up an functioning again.

Original Article - 30 Dec 06: The son of Jack Watkis 29-33 recently made contact searching for information on both his father and on his father's best friend at Fram, Choy wei chung 29-31 (see Gallery photo of CCF 1930). Choy appears in the Distinguished OFs section as he was an accomplished tennis player. Choy played for the China Davis Cup team and was the first Chinese and OF to play on centre court at Wimbledon. After that we cannot find any more information. If anyone knows what happened to Choy, please email the Website Team. This appears to be Stradbroke House, Summer 1931. "Toffee" Thomas is the Housemaster; Jack Watkis is in the second row, 5th from left; Charles Borrett (Norman's elder brother) is back row, 3rd from right; FG Jerrey is in wide striped blazer second on the right of Toffee Thomas; Fergus Dempster - taller figure, centre second row, just behind Toffee's left shoulder - and J S Ard - third from right, second row, by Borrett's left elbow.
Does anyone know any other names? or any of the trophies?
Click here to view or print this photo in larger pdf format.

This photo was taken by Jack Watkis in "Remove form" about 1929/30. The person at the top right is Percy Pickard. Can anyone identify any of the other three people?
Click here to view or print this photo in larger pdf format.

This photo is of a CCF Field Day - circa 1930. Jack Watkis is cntre rear of the photo facing the camera next to the sergeant. Can anyone identify any of the other people?
Click here to view or print this photo in larger pdf format.

To assist anyone with possible identification of names, I have listed below all the possible Stradbroke House boys between 1929 to 1933. As many entries in the directory do not show a House, these are also listed. Those known to be Stradbroke are listed first and show "S" after their years at Fram.

John Richard(was Percival)Garth Thomson 1924 1929 S
Bernard George Brown 1925 1929 S
Russell Alfred Ernest Watson 1924 1929 S
Roland Chevallier Dawson 1924 1929 S
Graham Mallison Marrs 1926 1929 S
Charles Peter Townrow 1927 1929 S
Lloyd Douglas Kenyon 1926 1929 S
Frank Clarke Harris 1927 1929 S
Cecil Geoffrey Kemp 1924 1929 S
Mervyn John Hiam Harrison 1925 1929 S
Clifford Edward Harris 1927 1930 S
Charles Roy Denby 1923 1930 S
William Eric Balls 1925 1930 S
Frederic Thomas Day 1924 1930 S
Robert Dunlop Irwin Scott 1924 1930 S
Max Stiles 1928 1930 S
Geoffrey Louis Collard 1929 1930 S
Frederick Gilbert Jerrey 1926 1931 S
Douglas Jack Last 1927 1931 S
Geoffrey Stiles 1927 1931 S
Ian Berkeley McMillan 1927 1931 S
Christopher William Thompson Bird 1927 1931 S
Kenneth Charles Bossert 1927 1931 S
Peter Tomlinson 1927 1932 S
Eric C.B. Burnell-Jones 1929 1932 S
Peter Herbert Le May 1930 1932 S
Herbert Ian Stiles 1930 1932 S
Stanley Charles Gosling 1924 1932 S
Eric Banthorpe 1926 1933 S
Richard McIntyre 1930 1933 S
Desmond Patrick. McNeice 1929 1934 S
Richard Walter Ware 1931 1935 S
Charles Walter Borrett 1930 1935 S
Alan Howard 1930 1935 S
Norman Francis Borrett 1931 1936 S
Thomas Eaton Richard Adnams 1928 1937 S
Vere Oliver Richard Lang 1933 1937 S
John Vernon Raffan 1931 1937 S
Keith Edward John Manson 1931 1938 S
Peter Alan Carter 1933 1938 S
John Derek Molyneux 1933 1938 S
Henry Featherstonhaugh Ebbs 1932 1938 S
Geoffrey Charles Brown 1931 1938 S
Robert Douglas Underwood 1932 1938 S
Jack Southall 1933 1939 S
Christopher Terry 1933 1939 S
Peter Wells Stiles 1932 1939 S
Leonard John Gray 1932 1939 S
Arthur Rowland Staniforth 1931 1939 S
Peter Ludbrook 1932 1940 S
Peter Thomas Fuller Warwick 1932 1940 S
Arthur Thomas Ford 1923 1929
Ian George Le Messurier Girling 1929 1929
John Graham Ritchie 1928 1929
Robert Dennis Green 1928 1929
Arthur Rochford Swindell 1926 1929
Etienne Marcel Varipati 1928 1929
Nevill George William Cooper 1926 1929
James Donald Hughes 1926 1929
Edward David Harrold 1925 1929
James Charles Meuse Newson 1923 1929
Vivian Symes Cowdy 1926 1929
Maurice Newson Haines 1924 1929
Alexander Enrico Napolian Kiralfy 1926 1929
Eric John Rolfe 1923 1929
Derek John Warner 1924 1929
Michael Rex Percy Taylor 1925 1929
John Rossall Houldsworth 1927 1929
Ernest Arthur Ratcliff 1925 1929
Eric Bertie Hogshaw 1928 1929
Thomas Charles Stewart Becher 1927 1929
Eric John Guttridge 1922 1929
George Frank Lomax 1928 1929
John Copinger Hill 1925 1929
Conrad Emptage Gower 1926 1929
Alderman John Finch 1927 1929
Frederick Arthur Laws 1926 1929
Raymond James Fox 1929 1929
Arthur Alexander Morris 1926 1929
Richard Grahame Kilburn Scott 1926 1929
Arthur Basil Clarke 1927 1929
Beresford Hunt 1926 1929
Arnold George Allcard 1928 1929
Edward Herbert Frank 1927 1930
Roger Richard William Groom 1928 1930
Henry Bence Bridger 1924 1930
Dexter Tregonis Ashton 1929 1930
Paul Sherwood Sear 1927 1930
Joseph Arthur Cullum 1929 1930
Charles Lynton Dodd 1927 1930
Alan George Petitt 1928 1930
Norman Haddon Patton 1928 1930
F Roy Mann 1927 1930
Norman Walter Hardgrave 1927 1930
Edgar Lawrence Riley 1926 1930
Paul Douglas Abbott 1926 1930
Grieg Martyn Heal 1928 1930
Gordon Hamilton Barclay 1925 1930
John Couchman Beedell 1927 1930
Dudley Oliver Knowles 1928 1930
Reginald Addy 1924 1930
Felix Edwin Creasy 1923 1930
Oliver Sear 1929 1930
William Vale 1923 1930
Hkun Hkio Sao 1927 1930
Paul Geoffrey Wallace Simes 1925 1930
William Tonkin Wright 1925 1930
Rex Archibald Addison 1927 1930
Thomas Liddell Scott 1925 1930
Godfrey Herbert Richard Cavendish 1927 1930
Donald George McLaren 1922 1930
Ernest Godbold Muddock 1926 1930
Neville Jabez Egan Pluck 1928 1930
Kenneth Salmon Howard 1925 1930
Kenneth Walter Nicholls 1926 1931
Jack Priest 1925 1931
Stuart Graeme Kemp 1929 1931
John Michael Tomlinson 1926 1931
Charles Keith Frederick Matthew 1930 1931
William Noel Barnes 1927 1931
Herbert David Ramsdon 1929 1931
Raymond Arthur Howard 1928 1931
Stanley Cornelius Van den Bergh 1930 1931
Douglas Brown 1927 1931
Cyril John Hampton 1926 1931
Gordon Eric Betts 1928 1931
Frank Henry Miller 1926 1931
Eric Charles Lacey 1929 1931
Cedric John Edward Joyce 1928 1931
Nevill Charles Sharp 1930 1931
David Kimber Fawkes 1930 1931
Herbert Gordon Compton Cavendish 1927 1931
Wai Chuen Choy 1929 1931
Ernest Bloom 1928 1931
Jack Richard Lewis 1925 1931
Clive Millard Worley Debenham 1928 1931
Harry Donald Jerrey 1927 1931
Rodney Clifton Frank 1928 1931
Frederick John Ramsdon 1929 1931
Edwin Patrick Hough 1930 1931
Frederick Howard Jenkins 1924 1931
Alfred Ellis Duffet 1929 1932
Ronald John Watson 1930 1932
Aubrey Kenneth Harris 1929 1932
Henry Cecil Kelly 1931 1932
John Coates 1926 1932
Ralph Sidney Turner 1930 1932
Bernard Arthur Osbourne 1927 1932
Robert Lionel Kemp 1928 1932
Frederick Hadley 1931 1932
Alan Douglas Logan 1928 1932
John Edward Wilkinson 1932 1932
Sidney James Snell 1931 1932
William Arthur Forse 1927 1932
John Briscoe Harris 1930 1932
Leslie William Jenkin 1925 1932
Edward George Winning 1929 1932
Denis Archibald Graydon 1929 1932
Edmund Vere Smith 1928 1932
Denis Edward Duffett 1929 1932
Charles Gustav Francis Watson 1930 1932
Neil Munro 1931 1932
Geoffrey Taylor 1926 1932
Douglas Roy Winterbone 1928 1932

What happened to Choy wei chung? | 2 comments | Create New Account
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What happened to Choy wei chung?
Authored by: Bill Collard on Friday, March 23 2007 @ 08:02 AM GMT

From Bill Collard (S55-57)
I concur with John that this is Stradbroke House in the summer of 1931. My late father GL Collard (S 29-30)is not in the picture so must have left, but I believe that the person in wide striped blazer second on the right of Thomas may be FG Jerrey. I recall he was a fine cricketer and returned to Fram to play for the OFs in the 50s. He introduced himself to me as a contemporary and good friend of my father. There are other faces I recognise but I will have to search the family archive for names.

Thomas was a great character and still Stradbroke housemaster in my day.

What happened to Choy wei chung?
Authored by: Richard Rowe on Thursday, March 15 2007 @ 01:02 PM GMT
John Simpson (K32-36) emailed inthe following comments:

One of the trophies has to be the Inter-house Shield but I can't remember any of the others. One or two of the names are creeping back - I think I recognise Dempster and Ard in the second row. In the College's 1934 production of Henry V in the Castle, Dempster played Chorus (mounted) and Ard, Henry V. He did his 'Once more into the breach ..' bit while standing on a heap of rubble by a hole in the wall. Charles Borrett, as Governor of Harfleur, chucked the keys down from the battlements.

I, in a subordinate role as Lord Scrope of Masham (addressed by my friends as Lord Droop of Squash'em), was eliminated from the action early enough to be able to join Toffee, who was providing the noises off for the siege of Harfleur.

I'm as fit as I have any right to expect, now back in Framlingham - on my own, but with a daughter in Brandeston & cousins & friends all over the place. I hope all is well with you,



Can't help with the Pickard pic, I'm afraid. The other is not a team, it's a house photograph (yes, we were only about 30 to a house in those days) and the house is Stradbroke. Although several of the faces ring a distant bell, I can put a name to only one of them Charles Borrett (Norman's elder brother), third from right in back row: Norman is not yet there. So, using the Borretts as the nearest I can find to a tree ring, I date the photograph to the summer term of 1931. With a list of the people in the house at the time, I might be able to add a few more names.

The House-master is C E Thomas (known as 'Toffee'), Chemistry & Hockey & an accomplished prestidigitateur: in the lab, if he handed you a test-tube you were apt to find you had got hold of his finger. I spent the minimum of time on science but can still remember some of his teaching: "Johnny, finding life a bore, drank some H2SO4. Johnny's father, an MD, gave him CaCO3 . Now he's neutralized, it's true, but he's full of CO 2". (This, of course, may still be in the curriculum.)


Editor comment: we will try to publish a list of Stradbroke names as soon as posible.