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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Northern Gathering hosted by Douglas & Dorothy Thomson
The second Northern Gathering took place on 9 July at the home of Douglas Thomson (K 53-61) and his wife Dorothy.

OF’s from Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Lothian joined the ‘locals’ for a fine session of gastronomic indulgence and general bonhomie. Pimms was followed by ham and turkey with salad and all (well, most) savoured plenteously the delicious sweets. OF’s staggered home after tea and cakes with a great feeling of a day well spent.

Plans are afoot for a Northern Gathering in Cheshire in 2007 and Scotland in 2008.

Footnote: Congratulations to Chris Essex for a achieving such a marvellous supper in the South West but I am sorry to have to tell him that he does not have the largest geographical area to cover. The Northern Gathering stretches from Yorkshire to the North of Scotland!

In the photo:
Clockwise around the table - Michael Thomson (51 -59), John Vincent (49-54), Liz Dockerill (guest of Jim Butchart), Norman Porter (50-57), Dorothy Thomson, Jim Butchart (51-60)(standing), Douglas Thomson(53-61), John Nickolds (59-64), Iona Vincent, Virginia Porter, Brenda Thomson, Angela Nickolds, David Allen (51-56).