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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


OF Rifle Club Rescues the Season
On Saturday 3rd June we met the Old Lawrentians at Bisley for our All Day match for the Lizard Goblet. Pride meant we had to retain the trophy that we'd won last year to salvage something from our previously unsuccessful season. It was great to welcome back an old face not seen at OFRC shoots in recent years. Nick Argent, accompanied by brother David, showed that time cannot dim the fine shooting education offered by the Albert Memorial College, and proceeded to impress the regulars. We hope he'll make a habit of this!

Nick Argent shows he's not forgotten how to do it

The weather was glorious: hot sunshine after weeks of grey lifted the gloom as we gathered at Bisley's Century Range. 0830hrs and 300 yard shooting is not the best way to start the day as the shortest Full Bore range exposes any lapses in technique. There is simply no room for error. Happily the light early morning wind was not an added complication, but we finished with a 6 point disadvantage compared to our foe.

Falling back to 600 yards, the absence of wind allowed the OFs to produce a withering hail of high scores, with a maximum possible scores from Skipper Burnip and David Argent, and 49s for Halahan and McDowell (who spinelessly dropped his last shot for an inner scoring 4).

This advantage was enough to seal the match, but after lunch added insurance was bought with a workmanlike and competent performance at 900 yards. By now the wind had come up and made shooting at extreme long range a difficult proposition.

Victory assured, the Lawrentians capitulated and lost the plot entirely at 1000 yards, and the OFs were clear winners with a massive 52 majority.

OFRC vs Old Lawrentians Saturday 3rd June 2006
Nigel Burnip48.350.646.245.1189.12
Steve McDowell46.449.440.045.3180.11
James Mehta47.445.346.343.2181.12
onathan Cupper43.247.445.547.0182.11
John Halahan46.249.748.738.1181.17
OF Totals230.15240.24225.17218.7913.63
Old Lawrentians 236.18227.15212.8186.3861.44

Also shot:         
Nigel King46.544.242.242.2174.11
Robin Curtis43.245.238.0? 
Brian Smith38.
Nick Argent45.643.1 N/S 
David Argent 50.7   

Robin Curtis coached at 900yds by wind guru John Halahan

Victorious OF shooters
L-R: Halahan, Mehta, King, Cupper, Skipper Burnip with Lizard Goblet, McDowell, Smith, Curtis (Absent: David & Nick Argent)

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Authored by: Anonymous on Sunday, September 03 2006 @ 02:38 PM GMT