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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


OF Rifle Club Beaten Again!
Saturday 13th May saw the OFRC gathering at Bisley for the second match of the season, the Long Range Trophy. Competing against six other Old Boys teams at 900 and 1000 yards, we were determined to return to the winning ways of last year after suffering defeat three weeks previously. With a weakened squad (see “List of Pathetic Excuses” below) we knew we might be in trouble. A fresh breeze across Stickledown range made shooting interesting. Often the coach that judges the wind best will give his team a winning advantage.

Early results at 900 yards looked promising: decent scores of 48.2 (ex 50.10) from Mehta and King, with skipper Burnip close behind with 47.3. But a lack of long range practice and experience meant we were never going to be good enough to collect the silver this year, and at 1000 yards we were merely average. Usually dependable Highscore Hypotensive Hallahan suffered a loss of confidence to record his worst score for a while: we hope this is a temporary aberration. We weren’t bad, but just not quite good enough. You don’t win prizes with mediocre performances. Take note Beckham and England!

Light relief of the day came when old soldier Brian Smith gave a demonstration of bayonet drill using a 1918 Lee Enfield: and nearly had Nigel King singing in the trebles again after 45 years of determined bass line rumbling. When used for its intended purpose, the 88-year-old rifle potted the target from 1000 yards: they don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

But at least we beat the Old Lawrentians who are feeling the pressure of a torrid two years of fierce competition. Even the fielding of England shot Chris Weeden failed to improve their position below the OFs.

Next match is the All Day Lizard Trophy, an extravaganza of shooting at 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards, versus the Old Lawrentians: the season’s not dead yet.

John Halahan41.246.387.5
Nigel Burnip47.345.192.4
James Mehta48.244.392.5
John Horton46.246.492.6
Team total182.9181.11363.20
Nigel King48.237.185.3
Robin Curtis39.041.180.1
Brian Smith43.342.285.5
Competition  4 Man TeamsScores ex 400
KGS Wimbledon??367.23
Old Framlinghamians182.9181.11363.20
Old Lawrentians183.8172.9355.17
Old Albanians167.8166.8333.16
Old Alleynians156.5160.8316.13

Pathetic Excuses of the Day

“I’m singing in the choir at the FA Cup Final” (Walker)

“I’ve blagged them that I speak Portuguese and got a job for the weekend in Portugal” (Mcdowell who then sent cricket test score updates from a beach bar in Estoril)

“But King’s been shooting with this rifle” (Smith)

“The Doctor has changed my medication” (Halahan)

“Halahan was my wind-coach” (Mehta)

“You b*st**ds are using Eagle Eyes” (a permitted accessory lens for magnifying the target image) (Curtis)