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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Air Vice-Marshal Simon Dougherty OF Inspects CCF
Air Vice-Marshal Simon Dougherty OF undertook the annual review of the College CCF in March this year. He reported as follows:

"I visited the College CCF Contingent as Reviewing Officer for their biennial review on Monday 20th March 2006. This took place at Fingringhoe Ranges, near Colchester. It was a most successful visit, with much enthusiasm shown by the cadets, the College CCF Contingent Officers and staff, led by Major Martin Myers-Allan, and the single Service CCF cadet support teams".

This photograph shows Simon talking to a group of Signallers. The AVM continues, "I was shown a variety of activities being undertaken by many cadets who appeared to be enjoying themselves greatly. Some (around 15, I think) were able to gain air experience during the day whilst I was undertaking the Review in the Gazelle helicopter from 7 Sqn Army Air Corps (V) in which I flew from Gloucester to Fingringhoe and back. I was delighted to have an opportunity for a brief meeting with Gwen Randall (The Head), before I left.

The remaining photographs show the AVM shooting with and talking to Cadet Palmer (who shoots for England). Also shown, with the AVM and Cadet Palmer is Captain Malcolm Todd, Master i/c shooting. A full set of these photographs can be viewed in the website photo album: Gallery > 2000 > College.