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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Help with 1936 Rugby 1st XV Photo
UPDATE 9 Nov 2005 - the last player is confirmed as A J Brown.
UPDATE 31 Oct 2005 - John Simpson (K32-36) and Ken Knight (K32-38) have now identified all but one name but have added possible suggestions. It is sobering to realise that 5 of the team were killed in action and appear on the College War Memorial.

We have received several photos from the possessions of the late John Randell (SOF President G54-63). One of the photos was of the 1936 Rugby 1st XV. Exactly why John had a copy of this photo is not clear. If anyone can assist with the names of the people in the photo then please email the Website Team.

I would guess that most of the team left Fram in 1937 or 1938, so about 1 year after Norman Borrett. The photo is inscribed with names but unfortunately they are indistinct but might help prompt someone's recollection. We will add names to the Gallery photo as we learn them. John Simpson (K32-36) has suggested the following names:

Back row: Mitchell - ? - Holmes? - Whiteley - ? - Whittaker
Middle row: ? - Sao Hkun U - Collins - Wright - Wake - Wake 2? - Partridge
Front row: ? - Molyneux - Hyde

A quick review of leavers in 37 & 38 and cross-checking with the Green Book for 1st XV players might suggest the following (the list is not exhaustive as I see some of the names suggested by John Simpson are not on my list but a further check of the Green Book indicates that they played for the 1st XV):
Thomas Eaton Richard Adnams
Peter Alan Carter
Frank Vincent Harvey
Reginald John Hebblethwaite
Reginald Hugh Horsley
John Wayman Hyde
Kenneth Kester Knight
Ernest James Lindley Lloyd
William Harry Loveless
Robert Bryan Luke
Michael Charles Mitchell
John Derek Molyneux
Rupert William Morgan
Lewis Ronald Peek
John Vernon Raffan
Hkin U Sao
Peter Guy Scotchmer
John Dunthorne Wake
William Hereward Wake
Peter Arthur Sidney Whiteley
Richard Clare Whittaker
Desmond Evered Wright