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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


Tom Fleming 1923 - 2005
John Maulden (G45-50) has just confirmed the sad news that Tom Fleming, long time woodwork master at Framlingham and Brandeston, died on 9th August 2005 in Felixstowe aged 82. Tom had retired in 1984. Tom was an Associate Member of the SOF and leaves his wife and two daughters. In 1952 it was decided that more encouragement should be given to crafts and hobbies and a workshop was built at the east of the Back next to the rifle range. In 1954 Tom arrived to take charge of this new concept and stayed for more than a generation introducing Technical Drawing to Framlingham.

He took a full part in school life and in his early years played cricket for the staff team. In 1958 he and his wife took a party of boys on a trip to Italy where they enjoyed travel by open motor boat and the Circumvesuvian Railway. For thirty years his approach to Carpentry and Woodwork had turned Craft into the pursuit of excellence.

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Tom Fleming 1923 - 2005
Authored by: Brian Rosen on Friday, March 17 2006 @ 09:17 AM GMT

I worked very closely with Tom when he gradually handed over to me the woodwork at Brandeston (later to become Technology of course.) We became very good friends but I don\'t think that he ever knew that I learnt all my woodwork from him years before when my three sons were at Brandeston and the College. \'You can\'t hold a chisel like that, Dad, T.Flem says ....etc.\' My three sons, and I am sure many many others, learnt a great deal from Tom - a skill that they doubtless still use - unlike so much we learnt at school! He was a perfectionist and a \'good copy\' was not easy to obtain. I tried to follow this tradition and if you ever received an A from me, I expect you were, and probably still are, a useful crafsman (or woman). Brian Rosen S.40-46 BH 78-93

Tom Fleming 1923 - 2005
Authored by: Michael Thomson on Tuesday, November 15 2005 @ 10:12 AM GMT

I remember the change over from the happy chaos of the previous carpentry workshop to the neat and organised arrangements introduced by Tom Fleming seemingly overnight but in reality during a holiday. There was much grumbling initially but the sound principles and practices that he dinned into me have stood me in good stead all my life. Was it 1954 he started? I feel it may have been the following year.

Tom Fleming 1923 - 2005
Authored by: Paul Langham on Sunday, September 18 2005 @ 11:53 PM GMT

2 in a week sad news indeed. Carpentry was never a strong suit for me, I can still hear Tom Fleming cry \"saw it off and start again!\"