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College & OF History: 1975-2000
Into the Third Millennium
Framlingham College...
By John Maulden


A Splendid Occasion: Thanksgiving for Norman Borrett
A couple of hundred OFs, College staff and students, representatives of Allhallows School and sporting organisations gathered in the College Chapel yesterday, and later in Paul's Court, to celebrate the life of Norman Francis Borrett.

Norman occupied centre-stage in the Chapel, where the altar was decked-out with his squash racquets, ties, squares and blazers representing just a small selection of his sporting achievements. The photograph shows Tony Lawrence (Second Master) talking with Stephen Waters, the College Chaplain, just before the service.

Norman Porter, General Secretary of the SOF, gave a wonderful and very moving tribute to his namesake - click here to see the full text in PDF format. So moving was it that the congregation burst into spontaneous applause at the end.

This was followed by a series of anthems and other choral music from the College Chamber Choir, who performed quite brilliantly.

After the service, the Head hosted a fine buffet supper in Paul's Court. Mullie Borrett (Honorary OF) was in excellent spirits and was very much the centre of attention. In this photograph Mullie can be seen in the blue dress on the left (we're going to sack the photographer!).

Norman and Margaret Mayhew
Ken Mayhew
Norman Dodd
Dudley Holland
Andrew and Margaret Wright
Chris Wright
John Waugh + 1
Jeremy Moyle
Guy and Mary Simpson
John Hulbert (Allhallows)
Mike Potter
Paul Gooderham
Andrew Currie
Jeremy Kemp
Felicity Bromage
John Rutter
Mrs Keeble
Peter Howard-Dobson
David Turnbull
Michael Bawden (Travellers HC)
John Waddell
Pat Howard-Dobson
Michael Wright
John and Wendy Pemberton
Bob and Mandy Williams
John and Angela Rankin
Norman Porter (also rep James Ruddock)
Gerald Western
Jimmy and Jane Mayhew
Chris Brain + 1
David Mason (rep Jim Blythe)
John and Glenys Maulden
Robin Anderton
Liz Martino
Michael Booker
Chris Garrard
David Mead
Michael Spencer
Malvern Tipping
Martin Irving
Clive and Brian Smith

James Ruddock
Richard Overend
John Edwards
Rory Brown
Kenneth Mackenzie
Jim Blythe

A Splendid Occasion: Thanksgiving for Norman Borrett | 3 comments | Create New Account
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A Splendid Occasion: Thanksgiving for Norman Borrett
Authored by: Brian Rosen on Tuesday, June 07 2005 @ 02:36 PM GMT

I read the address by Norman Porter and realised that I knew yet another Norman Borrett. I had watched him play in the Olympic Final Hockey match at Wembley in 1948 but having not been at the College when he was a master, nor being much aware of his sporting prowess I did not regard him with the awe that he commanded from those just a little younger than I ! I first knew him when he became President of the Society back in the seventies. I was then the treasurer - an old hand - and used to advising the new President each year on the procedures at our meetings etc.. Thus we became well acquainted and when we met up again when I joined the Brandeston staff in 1978 we were immediately allies - two ex-Presidents with our shared views on how the College should be run and needless to say, many other opinions that were just between the two of us. Putting aside all his prowess and his reputation, he was always amusing to be with, always a staunch OF and I am proud to say, a good friend. Brian Rosen (S.40-46, BH 78-93)

A Splendid Occasion: Thanksgiving for Norman Borrett
Authored by: Ian Pearson on Thursday, July 21 2005 @ 11:58 PM GMT

I thought I should pass on my memories of Norman Borrett

I was saddened by the death of Norman Borrett. I had hoped to visit Fram for the Memorial Service but unfortunately I was unable to attend. If I had I would have brought “Willy” with me. It was a shame I did not know that he lived his last years only round the corner from me at Clacton, in Frinton on Sea.

I had fond memories of him during my time at Fram. However my first encounter with him in the Class Room left an ever-lasting memory.

We were all chatting merrily when someone walked in and said quiet “Bog Rats coming” and popped out again. Thanks for the warning I thought. Within seconds in walks this tall Teacher with a rolling limp, robs flowing and eyes burning blue. He immediately points to a Boy still talking at the back of the class and says “ You boy come here”

The Boy, who I can’t remember, walks sheepishly to the front. “Gud lord Boy, you are suppose to be quiet when I come in and standing up Boy” he says. “Sorry Sir, I didn’t hear you come in” At that point Borrett picks him up by the ear and walks him to the window, heaves it open and chucks him out head first and shouts “go and find Willy”.

Luckily we were on the ground floor in class Lower 5b (or something like that) where the drop to the ground is only a few feet.

The Boy pops up looking rather sheepish and scared and says ”Willy Sir” The rest of us in the Form by this time were in heaps of laughter. Borrett turns round and gives us all a stare with his burning blue eyes. You can see the twinkle in his eye and he smiles and motions us to keep the noise down. He turns again to the Boy out the window.

“See the Chapel Boy, go and see if you can find a stick with a nail in it under the chapel. If you come back without a nail in it I’ll send you back again”

The boy rushed over to the Chapel and we in the class were all straining to see where he was going. He popped down under the end of the chapel, where the wood was stored, and came out with a stick. He rushed back to the window and said “Will this do” Borrett takes the stick, looks at both ends and feels the nail sticking out the end. “It will” said Borrett and takes the stick from the Boy. Borrett then grabs the boy by the scruff of the neck and orders him to get back in through the window. He lands in a heap on the floor and we all burst out laughing again.

Borrett picks him up by his ear and orders him to bend over a front row desk. While he is doing this Borrett practises a swing with the stick making sure that the sharp point of the nail is facing the class. Borrett smiles and we laugh as he touches the point of the nail. At this point the boy looks up from his prone position. Borrett shouts to the Boy “Turn round and face down” Borrett lifts his hand back with the stick and brings it down gently so that the boy feels the point of the nail. He then lifts it back up and brinks it down smartly on the rear of the boy.

The Boy cries out in pain and we all think he has been spiked. Borrett gives him another two in quick succession but this time we noticed that Borrett had rolled his wrist and had hit the Boy with the back of the stick. We all saw the joke fairly quickly and fell about laughing. Borrett was all smiles and gives the Boy the stick and says, “Now you know Willy Boy” and asks him to return it to the Chapel.

Geography lessons were not so bad after that but the threat of Willy kept us in Order.

The only time I ever saw him use it again was when our English teacher Bill Bailey was ill, and he stood in for him. He gave us a spelling test for prep and said that he would introduce us to Willy for each word wrong. Poor Sadler he just went to pieces the next day and got the full ten.

We enjoyed Geography with Borrett he was so informative and made the subject so interesting. He was quite a comparison to “Pete fingers” Clark who once gave a Boy 110/100 for neat hand writing in an end of term test.

Prehaps others have memories of Norman Borrett they would like to share as well.

Ian C Pearson (K1967-1973)